Demand transparent service delivery

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Demand transparent service delivery

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Now that elections have passed, lets demand Mayors and Municipal Managers provide transparent service delivery and fight corruption, by making Service Delivery Agreements (SDAs) and Municipal Services Partnership Agreements (MSPAs) publicly accessible to all.

Demand transparent service delivery
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Have you seen your municipality's Service Delivery Agreements (SDAs) and Municipal Services Partnership Agreements (MSPAs) with businesses it contracts? No idea what that is? Well it often feels like that’s the way many councillors want it to stay. You see the Municipal Systems Act states SDAs and MSPAs must be made public [1], so that people like you and I can see who, what, when and how much companies contracted to deliver services are paid. But municipalities across Mzansi don’t follow the act, and don’t make SDAs and MSPAs public, or accessible to all. This allows corruption to thrive.

But we can change this. As councils have been confirmed, lets make sure that our leaders know this is key issue, and we won't stop until we have transparency in service delivery so we can fight corruption.

When we the people of Mzansi stand together, we are a formidable force that is able to hold those we put in power to account. 


Dear councilors, mayors and bureaucrats,

We, the people of Mzansi, call on you to commit to ensuring that in your respective municipalities, you will make Service Delivery Agreements and Municipal Services Partnership Agreements (MSPAs) with all businesses contracted to carry out work in communities, public and accessible to all. This will be a great step towards strengthening accountability and ensuring transparency in our Municipalities. When there is a breakdown in communication between Municipalities and the people, protests erupt and the work done in communities by the government may be overshadowed by this. It is imperative therefore to work with communities and deliberately seek to involve them in the running of municipalities. This is a way of safe-guarding the gains made.