MENU calls on ABSA, Old Mutual and Investec to demand Lonmin compensate families of Marikana massacre calls on ABSA, Old Mutual and Investec to demand Lonmin compensate families of Marikana massacre

It's been 4 years since Lonmin and our police coordinated to crush the miners' strike, resulting in 44 lives lost. Today families grieve while struggling to put food on the table after the loss of their bread winners.

But there is some hope. Government has engaged in talks with representatives of the families, though no firm commitments have yet been made. Despite Lonmin’s role in the massacre, they have as yet not provided any form of compensation nor do they seem likely to. But Lonmin is accountable to its shareholders, especially Investec, Old Mutual and Barclays who own a majority stake in ABSA. These companies worry what people like you and I think of them. Click here to join the campaign calling for these companies to ensure compensation for Marikana widows and families:


As we remember the 16th August 2012, we can put public pressure on these companies to demand Lonmin takes action. Lonmin often doesn't concern itself with what everyday people think of them. But banks and companies like ABSA, Old Mutual and Investec spend millions on building their brand. The last thing they want is to be associated with Lonmin and its role in the Marikana massacre.

Let us not forget the call to action from Mme Ntshenyeho, widow of Andries Ntshenyeho who was murdered with an R-5 assault rifle for demanding a living wage:

"As we mourn the death of our husbands, we call on all South Africans to gather in their communities for a minute’s silence to remember those massacred in Marikana, and commit to stand with us until there is justice"

amandla .mobi members like you have just came from a protest outside ABSA's offices in Johannesburg. Together, let's keep up the pressure on ABSA, Old Mutual and Investec to ensure Lonmin provides real compensation to the families of Marikana. Click here to join the campaign:



Together, as a community, we successfully forced etv to screen Miners Shot Down and ensured the Police Minister suspended the use of R-5 assault rifles for public order policing while their task team explores police demilitarisation. But while we have had some campaign victories, what is critical is that Lonmin is held to account, and provides proper compensation to widows, family members and surviving miners. While Lonmin has also offered some family members a position to replace their loved ones in their mines, they still work in the same unsafe, unhealthy working conditions not earning the living wage which their loved ones were killed for demanding. Lonmin must provide proper compensation.

Together for justice,

Koketso, Thuli and Nqaba for amandla .mobi

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