Save the apartheid victims' compensation fund

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Save the apartheid victims' compensation fund
Save the apartheid victims' compensation fund
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*Update* Victory! We've learnt from Khulumani Support Group that the Department of Justice has scrapped their plans to divert half the apartheid victims compensation fund. 

“Bullets are still lodged in my body” - Derrick, anti-apartheid activist who was shot and tortured by apartheid police.

Apartheid victims like Derrick were promised compensation by the TRC, but 16 years later he hasn’t received a cent to have the bullets removed from his body. Not only have victims of apartheid died waiting for compensation, the Department of Justice could decide to divert money from victims to municipal infrastructure projects [1].

If we don’t do something, money promised to help repair the lives of those who were at the forefront of the struggle will instead go to municipal infrastructure projects like community centers. This despite some communities already having centers. Apartheid survivors don’t see how infrastructure projects will provide them with rehabilitation, and why compensation they were promised should be funding infrastructure projects that the government should pay for.

Together we can stop this. The Department of Justice can’t boast about the success of the TRC to the world, while trying to plunder compensation meant for apartheid victims. If enough of us add our voices to the campaign, we can encourage the new Justice Minister and President Zuma to protect the compensation promised to apartheid victims.

[1] The President's Fund: Where is the money for Apartheid victims actually going? Daily Maverick 14 October 2014

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Dear President Jacob Zuma and Minister Michael Masutha (Minister of Justice),

We understand that the Mbeki administration failed to implement reparations as recommended by the TRC and this is part of the reason that the majority of victims of apartheid eligible for compensation have not received a cent. We understand the Department of Justice has been acting with due diligence in respect of its stewardship of the President's Fund for Rehabilitation and Redress.

However, we, the undersigned, implore you to stop individuals in the Department of Justice who are trying to finalise regulations by this Friday the 17th October which will allow them to divert half a billion rand from the fund to pay for municipal infrastructure projects. This goes against the wishes of over 90,000 people eligible for compensation as apartheid victims of gross human rights abuses. To ensure justice and to assist the Department of Justice not to fall foul of the Public Finance Management Act, we ask that you put R1,1 billion into a Trust Fund for Victims' Rehabilitation and Reparation, allowing eligible victims to apply for funding for their needs and projects.