These 16 people could stop the next Marikana


Police Minister Nhleko and the Police Portfolio Committee are currently overseeing the recommendations of the Marikana Report. We all know if we don't demilitarise our police, it's just a matter of time before we have another massacre.

Minister Nhleko wants to set up an expert panel on police crowd control, but this panel could take a year to conclude, and according to the Police Minister it could take up to 5 years to implement the recommendations. We need to tell the Police Minister and the Portfolio Committee that Mzansi can't wait 9 years after the Marikana Massacre to demilitarise our police.

The polices own expert witnesses who already testified at the Farlam Commission of inquiry has stated the R-5 assault rifle should not be used for crowd control.

As our elected leaders, we must demand the Police Minister and Police Portfolio Committee immediately stop the use of R-5 assault rifles for crowd control.

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