1. R-5’s were found by the Farlam Commission of Inquiry to have bullets that tend to disintegrate. “The evidence indicates that R5 bullets tend to disintegrate when entering the body of a victim. This is what happened at Marikana. As a result it is not possible on the ballistic evidence to connect any [police] member who shot at Marikana with any person who died” [1] Point 42 on page 248 of the Marikana Report “Farlam said this was the reason the commission had... Read more

Artist statement More than 20 years into democracy, the struggle for the realisation of the worker’s economic aspirations continues. 2012, Marikana, the battle lines were clearly drawn when the downtrodden miners took up cudgels to advance their cause for total emancipation from the shackles of poverty. A class struggle pitted a multi-billion corporation run by greedy capitalists against the marginalised, the minimally paid ‘underground citizens’ driven by the need to survive. As the chasm between the haves and the have-nots widens the pockets of the... Read more

Here's how we arrived at the above figures. Firstly the Oxfam research indicating the $29 billion that left South Africa in 2012 can be found here: $29 billion US in 2012 had a 8.63 exchange rate to the rand, so that's R250,270,000,000. The average corporate tax rate in 2012 in South Africa was 35%, thus roughly R86,468,285,000 could have been paid in tax. For the purposes of the above infographic to try bring to life what this money could... Read more

We've just heard that President Zuma will release the Marikana Report tonight at 7pm on SABC.This is the moment the amandla .mobi and Marikana Support Campaign community has been waiting for. The next 48 hours will be critical, we must keep up the public pressure.We're up against a major propaganda campaign trying to paint the miners as having deserved being murdered by police. We have to remind our leaders that being shot in the back with R-5 assault rifles for... Read more

In the last 12 months amandla .mobi has grown to a national movement of 13,000 members. Together, we've had campaign victory's from ensuring 1 million low-income households won't be cut off from SABC, to protecting the apartheid compensation fund. Together we can grow our movement to build a more just, people-powered Mzansi. Click to make this a reality. Read more

It's been a horrific week at the Farlam commission for the families of those killed in the Marikana Massacre, but yesterday widows of those slain 2 years ago gathered at the offices SABC and etv. There they handed over the names of over 3000 people who joined our campaign.With the medias cameras and microphones focused on spokespeople from both broadcasters, Mme Ntsenyeho handed over a thick stack of signatures. The pressure from our campaign is working, with both broadcasters committing... Read more

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