Demand tranparent and efficient service delivery from your elected municipal officials

Demand tranparent and efficient service delivery from your elected municipal officials

The people have spoken. But regardless of whether people voted, or who they voted for, councillors and municipal administrators are accountable to us, the people.

Now our campaign to ensure transparent service delivery really begins. The amandla .mobi team has been working tirelessly to engage Mayoral candidates with our demands, but we need to recruit others to our campaign before inaugurations. 


While the focus is on the winners and losers of the election, we know that what is critical for service delivery, is transparency. The Municipal Systems and Financial Acts make it compulsory for municipalities to consult communities“and disclose  the details of companies and other entities involved in the delivery of services. This legal requirement exists for several reasons: it promotes openness and accountability; it is intended to ensure the honesty and integrity of public officials and private service providers; it allows residents to participate in local government affairs and have knowledge of it and it encourages effective and efficient service delivery.

To improve service delivery in this term of office we need our elected representatives and the Mayors to commit to transparent service delivery. Regardless of who wins the election, all Service Delivery Agreements and Municipal Services Partnerships must be made publicly accessible. Click here to share the campaign on Facebook here to share the campaign on Twitter here to share the campaign on Whatsapp

The amandla .mobi community continues to show that when we rally together as citizens we can bring about change. As a non-partisan, independent movement, we must continue holding all parties to account.