4 days till Fees Commission Deadline

4 days till Fees Commission Deadline

In less than a week the Fees Commission will stop receiving public comments on how to fund higher education in Mzansi. Given historical challenges, and the quest for justice by the Fee Must Fall movement, we have to use this opportunity to call for a transformed and decolonized education system. Click here to send your submission directly to the Fees Commission


There are hundreds of thousands of students who stand to benefit through our collective action. The Fees Commission must be flooded with submissions from the amandla .mobi community. This action would be a clear indication as to whether the Commission is indeed committed to hearing our views and willing to implement our submissions, or whether it is just a waste of time and taxpayers’ money. As you know, there are ongoing challenges of access and finance, among others, that face higher education in Mzansi.

Students in institutions such as DUT, CPUT and UWC who are dependent on NSFAS are still unregistered for the 2017 academic year despite having submitted their applications on time. This is but one of numerous reasons why we need to tell the Fees Commission to implement the recommendations made in the ‘No-Fee Varsity’ report commissioned by Minister Nzimande in 2013. We fought hard to have this report made public because it made it categorically clear that as a nation we can afford free tertiary education to the deserving students. Tell the Fees Commission to implement the 'No-Fee Varsity' report

Our campaigns have helped further justice and transformation in Mzansi. Our continued support of the Fees Must Fall movement and the victories we have had in this struggle, such as the release of qualifications for DUT students and the strides made in ending outsourcing at various universities, are testament that as a collective we can exert the required pressure for change.

Together for justice,
Nqaba, Thuli and Koketso for amandla .mobi

P.S. It sometimes feel government is hoping we don't participate in this commission, but we have people power on our side. Can you share and tag friends to make submissions? Please click here to share the campaign on Facebook and click here to share on Twitter