Demand Mboweni fund GBV plans

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Demand Mboweni fund GBV plans
Demand Mboweni fund GBV plans
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The brutal murders of Uyinene Mrwetyana, Leighandre “Baby Lee” Jegels - among many others - sparked protests in different parts of the country. Women took to the streets demanding an end to South Africa's gender-based violence (GBV) crisis [1]. This comes after last year’s commitment at the GBV summit to have a resourced, implemented and monitored National Strategic Plan (NSP) on GBV and femicide in place within six months [2]. More recently while addressing the nation the President committed to making "substantial additional funding available" for completing the implementation of the decisions of last year’s GBV Summit [3].

This month (October 2019) the Minister of Finance, Tito Mboweni, will be tabling the mid-term budget, an opportunity for the government to truly show its commitment to ending GBV and femicide. If enough of us come together we could force the government to commit to funding an NSP against GBV, which would ensure better service delivery for victims of violence and the rolling out of prevention programmes that address harmful gender norms and violent masculinities. Without a budget allocated, the government's claims to be prioritising GBV are nothing more than an empty promise. 

Dear Finance Minister, Tito Mboweni,

South Africa has a gender-based violence crisis. This while Ministers and other government officials live in luxury. Despite promises last year, we are still waiting for the money for the National Strategic Plan (NSP) against GBV. We call on you to announce at the Mid-Term Budget Policy Statement funds for the NSP against GBV. If you need help finding the funds, you can start with the Ministerial Handbook, by announcing an immediate reduction from the total amount of R81,200,000 (eighty-one million two hundred thousand) which is spent on luxury cars, as well as R14,000,000 (Fourteen million) which is used for the security of the private residential houses. This would make available as much as R95,200,000 [4].

[1] Cyril Ramaphosa visits grieving families of slain EC women. Soyiso  Maliti for TimesLive 6 September 2019

[2] Declaration of the Presidential Summit Against Gender-Based Violence and Femicide. The Presidency 2 November 2018

[3] Ramaphosa reveals emergency action plan to tackle gender-based violence. The Citizen 19 September 2019

[4] Amandla .mobi GBV NSP Costing Exercise:


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If our leaders really want to address GBV, they will show us the money. If enough of us come together, we could force Minister Tito Mboweni to announce that they will begin to fund the National Strategic Plan on GBV at the mini-budget speech.