Victory against apartheid denialist Steve Hofmeyr

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Victory against apartheid denialist Steve Hofmeyr
Victory against apartheid denialist Steve Hofmeyr
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** We won! ** Pick n Pay and Land Rover have pulled out of this years AIG music festival in which apartheid denialist Steve Hofmeyr will perform [1]

For years companies have profited from Steve Hofmeyr’s popularity, but after tweeting that “...Blacks were the architects of Apartheid” companies supporting Hofmeyr are under immense pressure. One car dealership has already forced Hofmeyr to hand back a bakkie they gave him [2].

Together we can demand that the 'Afrikaans is Groot' music festival sponsored by Pick n Pay, Land Rover and Virseker follow this lead and stop supporting Hofmeyr.

[1] Big sponsors pull out of Afrikaans concerts after Steve Hofmeyr tweet, Times Live, 17 March 2015

[2] Chester Missing questions sponsorship of 'apartheid denialist', Mail & Guardian, 30 October 2014

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Dear 'Afrikaans is Groot' organisers and presenting sponsors Richard Brasher (CEO of Pick n Pay), Dr Ralf Speth (CEO of Land Rover) and Leon Vermaak (CEO of Auto & General Insurance who own Virseker),

We the undersigned ask all of you to collectively demonstrate your commitment against racism and cancel Steve Hofmeyr's contract to perform at your festival at the end of November. We believe that this action is in the best interest of everyone as it shows your commitment to tackle racism, and this action will protect the other festival artists and ensure future sponsorship of festival is not compromised. We don't accept your excuses that festival tickets have been sold already and you don't support Hofmeyr's personal views. You cannot separate Hofmeyr’s racism and bigotry from his music, nor your festival. Because each of you profit from the festival tickets sales and the marketing strategy of sponsoring a music festival who's headline artist is Steve Hofmeyr, you must collectively take responsibility for associating with an apartheid denialist. It is disappointing that you have used PR spin and cried victim at being criticised for giving Hofmeyr a credible platform for his music and racist views. If a national car dealership (Williams Hunt) can do the right thing and withdraw their support of Hofmeyr, surely you can follow suite? As citizens and consumers we look forward to you doing the right thing.