Is there a part-time option? Can I come to some of the training?

Is there a part-time option? Can I come to some of the training?

I work full-time but I really want to be involved can I come to some of the training?

I'm not based in Gauteng, when will you run this Fellowship near me?

Even if I don't get into the Fellowship, can I volunteer and come sit in the training sessions?

I want to do the Fellowship but i'm studying at the moment. Is that a problem?

I want to do the Fellowship but during the fellowship, I will have to be away for two weeks. Is that a problem?

A:'s long term goal is to provide training resources that any of our members across Mzansi can access and use to run better campaigns. At the moment we don't offer training resources outside of the Campaigner Fellowship, but we are working hard to change this, but it will take time for this to happen because we need to secure the resources necessary. 

The Fellowship is completely full-time and there are only six spots available. We actually don't have enough room in our office and the training will be run almost every day so unfortunately, we don't have space for others to sit in on the training sessions. 

As grows, we will be prioritising finding ways for us to provide members with training resources and greater support to run better campaigns.

If you are studying full-time and need to attend classes, this will affect your participation. If you were studying part-time and in the evenings, you could still apply and be accepted so long as your participation from 9am to 5pm for the full four months of the fellowship is not affected.

The Fellowship has a very full curriculum. If you miss just three days it means you could be behind the other fellows.