ABSA, Old Mutual, Investec, make Lonmin compensate widows

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ABSA, Old Mutual, Investec, make Lonmin compensate widows
ABSA, Old Mutual, Investec, make Lonmin compensate widows
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“We were promised food and jobs. We are without our husbands, our children come back from school and there is no food. How must we feed them?” - Nonkululeko Ngxande, Marikana Massacre widow speaking after the Farlam Commission.

In the lead up to South Africa's first 'post-Apartheid' massacre, Lonmin refused, again and again, to meet with their miners to discuss a living wage. By working with police to break up the strike, Lonmin has blood on their hands.

As consumers, we have the power to put pressure on banks and companies like ABSA, Barclays, Old Mutual and Investec to take responsibility for the fact their profits have come at the expense of miners who were exploited, murdered and injured asking for a living wage. The very least these companies can do is use their influence Lonmin to demand reparations for the families of Marikana. 


Dear Maria Ramos (ABSA CEO), Jes Staley (Barclays CEO), Mthandazo Moyo (Old Mutual CEO) and Stephen Koseff (Investec CEO),

We the undersigned call on you as shareholders, profiteers and companies connected to Lonmin, to demand the company finally takes responsibility for their role in the Marikana massacre, as per the Farlam Commission of Inquiry, and properly compensate all families of miners who lost their lives, as well as injured miners. You cannot deny that your profits over the years come from Lonmin, and until such profits are used for redress, this blood money will continue to be a stain on your brand. Compensation must also include the families of miners who were contractors. We see through Lonmin's smoke and mirrors. While they have paid for the education of some miners children, many families struggle to put food on the table. The widows of Marikana ask that Lonmin invests in a victim-centered process which will work to replace the human and financial resources drained from our homes. This process should provide us, as victims and survivors of the Massacre, with the means to develop our own projects and programmes, within our own communities. This process must be established and funded by Lonmin, as those culpable for the damage; but it must be conceived and structured in full consultation with, and under the control of, victims and survivors, and our representatives. These remedies proposed by those of us whose lives have been most damaged by these events, as a way forward towards justice and restoration. As shareholders and those connected to Lonmin profits, you are complicit in profiting from this injustice. You must act. 


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Almost 6 years after the Marikana massacre and widows struggle to put food on the table. We call on ABSA/ Barclays, Old Mutual and Investec to put pressure on Lonmin to ensure families are finally compensated.