Exposed! Lonmin hiding money from widows of Marikana

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Exposed! Lonmin hiding money from widows of Marikana
Exposed! Lonmin hiding money from widows of Marikana
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*Update* Almost a year after launching the campaign, it has been reported that Lonmin has employed family members of slain Marikana miners [1]. While it is a step in the right direction, it is by no means compensation. Lonmin could afford, and should have done much more. We are also unsure if Lonmin placed a family member for everyone who lost their lives. There are many others who have been putting pressure on Lonmin, including the media, we therefore do not wish to claim this limited victory. This campaign has been closed since Lonmin has weathered public pressure. We have since shifted our focus to pressuring government, Lonmin investors such as Investec, and one of Lonmins largest customers; the German based company BASF.

“We were promised food and jobs. We are without our husbands, our children come back from school and there is no food. How must we feed them?” - Nonkululeko Nxandi, Marikana Massacre widow speaking after the Farlam Commission.

In the lead up to South Africa's first 'post-Apartheid' massacre, Lonmin refused again and again to meet with their miners to discuss a living wage. By working with police to break up the strike, Lonmin has blood on their hands.

It has now been revealed in a report by AIDC that for years Lonmin has been moving millions out of South Africa through the use of amongst others tax havens, for example Bermuda [1]. Lonmin could have easily have paid Rock Drillers the living wage of R12 500pm, built houses and honour their promises of compensation to the widows and family members of those shot and murdered in 2012.

Lonmin’s greed has been exposed, but they forget that it's our government that gives them their mining license. We the people can hold them to account and demand compensation for the horrors of Marikana. We can also stop companies like Lonmin pillaging our nation’s wealth and hiding money overseas to avoid paying their fair share in tax, giving workers a living wage and investing in communities as per our nations Mining Charter. Finance Minister Nene must implement AIDC’s submission to the Davis Tax Committee so we can fight tax dodging and illicit financial flows.

[1] Lonmin to employ family members of slain Marikana miners. ENCA Sunday 16 August 2015 

[2] The Bermuda Connection: Profit shifting, inequality and unaffordability at Lonmin 1999-2012. Dick Forslund for the Alternative Information & Development Centre

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Dear Ben Magara (CEO of Lonmin) and Simon Scott (CFO of Lonmin),

You have been exposed for diverting millions to Bermuda to avoid paying tax and Mining Charter obligations. We demand the following:

- Provide monthly compensation to the families of all workers shot and murdered at the Marikana Massacre to keep their households running, whether in the form of a job or financial support;
- Reparations for the death of the workers, including those who weren't 'permanent workers';
- Fulfill your obligations to the Mining Charter, as well as build houses for the widows and family members of those killed at Marikana.

Dear Finance Minister Gordhan,

We call on you to change the tax laws of South Africa to stop corporations engaging in tax dodging and illicit financial flows. Mining companies are given the privilege to mine our people’s wealth, yet this money is allowed to flow to tax havens overseas. We call on you to implement the AIDC’s submission to the Davis Tax Committee and attend the International conference on Financing for Development in Addis Ababa and commit to setting up an inter-governmental body to tackle illicit financial flows and tax dodging.