Reparations now! Marikana families and miners struggle 3 years on.

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Reparations now! Marikana families and miners struggle 3 years on.
Reparations now! Marikana families and miners struggle 3 years on.
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As millions across Mzansi tune in to watch Miners Shot Down on etv, the coming weeks could determine whether the widows of Marikana will be able to put food on the table in the future.

Right now government has begun negotiations on compensation for the families and miners. With SAPS found to have murdered the miners, President Zuma has already stated he supports “swift compensation for bona fide claims” [1]. But after 3 years of waiting, the families of those massacred, and surviving miners, still don’t know when they will be compensated, and how much.

In the coming weeks our leaders must know, we the people, stand with the families torn apart by the massacre. Together, we can demand government immediately settle the families and miners civil claims out of court, and provide the compensation miners and families have called for. We also demand, Lonmin return the money hidden overseas in tax havens, and properly compensate the families and miners for their role in exploiting workers and inciting the massacre.

Last year, the amandla .mobi community campaigned for President Zuma to release the Marikana report, so lawyers and family members would have enough time to prepare their civil claim in time. Now, we must support the widows and family members of those massacred. As well as the surviving miners, whose bullet ridden bodies deserve compensation.

Many victims of police brutality and gross human rights violations during apartheid, died waiting for reparations from the compensation fund, many continue to wait. We won’t stop until there is compensation for the violence visited upon Black bodies.


Dear Police Minister Nhleko and President Zuma,

We the undersigned call on you to immediately settle the civil suit filed against SAPS. Compensation for the 326 dependants linked to 37 of the deceased, who have suffered a loss of financial support, medical expenses, emotional shock and trauma, and love and care. As stated in the claim, “The conduct of the commanders was contrary to the law, policies, standing orders and orders governing the second incident [16 August]. The conduct of the commanders was wrongful and negligent. Were it not for the commanders’ wrongful and negligent conduct, the second incident would not have occurred and the deceased would not have been killed,” states the court papers served on Nhleko from the Socio-Economic Rights Institute (SERI), Legal Resources Centre and Wits Law Clinic [2]. We also support the call of the miners for compensation [3].

Dear Brian Beamish (Chairman of Lonmin),

You have been exposed for diverting millions to Bermuda to avoid paying tax, fulfilling your Mining Charter obligations and compensating the families of the workers and subcontractors who died asking for a decent wage after you exploited them for years. We demand you immediately settle all civil claims against you out of court, and provide the compensation demanded immediately.

[1] Zuma fast-tracks compensation for Marikana families
RDM News Wire 29 September 2015

[2] Marikana families to Nhleko: #PayUsTheMoney, Greg Nicolson for the Daily Maverick. 14 August 2015.

[3] Why Marikana workers want R1 billion in compensation. Athandiwe Saba for City Press 29 November 2015.

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Government has said it will begin discussions on compensation for the widows, families and surviving miners of the Marikana Massacre. With President Zuma already open to ‘swift compensation’, we must support the call for immediate and full compensation.

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