Stop OPW promoting rape culture

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Stop OPW promoting rape culture
Stop OPW promoting rape culture
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*1st victory* ABSA has pulled out of sponsoring Our Perfect Wedding thanks to people power! But we must keep up the pressure.

Our Perfect Wedding, a show that is problematic and caricatures black people, aired an episode which romanticized and normalised rape culture. We must demand accountability from Mzansi Magic for airing the show and giving a rapist an opportunity to boast about preying on young girls, targeting and sleeping with them. The mere fact that statutory rape among many other problematic issues were celebrated without any interrogation is the reason Mzansi Magic must commit to air an episode that critically interrogates rape, consent and gender based violence. 

Dear Yolisa Phahle (CEO of M-Net) and Maria Ramos (ABSA CEO),

As the sponsors and creators of Our Perfect Wedding, we the undersigned hold you to account for not only normalising rape, but in your press release, stating that "Our reality shows reflect our society as it is". Let's be clear. Statutory rape is not an "uncomfortable social issue", it's a human rights violation. You admit to "telling stories that impact our viewers and build our communities", so how does giving a rapist a platform to normalise his behaviour, achieve this?

We demand that you immediately publicly commit to airing a special episode of Our Perfect Wedding where you critically engage viewers in tackling gender based violence by condemning rape and engaging viewers with the stories of rape survivors and how we can address rape in Mzansi.  

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Our Perfect Wedding gave a platform to a man who boasted about raping school girls, and who met his current partner when she was 14, while he was 28. For children aged between 12 to 16, any sexual act with another person whose age difference is more than 2 years, is statutory rape in Mzansi.