Pay back PRASA money

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Pay back PRASA money
Pay back PRASA money
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*Update* Our campaign has had its first victory! PRASA is pursuing a refund of R2.65 billion, this is an important step in recovering money [1]

The Public Protector exposes corruption crisis at PRASA (Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa). The Public Protector’s report has found PRASA guilty of several incidents of maladministration. [2]

But what now? Transport Minister Joe Maswanganyi must respond urgently to show she values experiences of commuters who cannot afford the luxury of the GAUTRAIN and private cars. Countless people face being mugged, sexually assaulted on our trains, or risk losing their jobs for arriving late for work due to irregular trains. We, the people, must demand that the Minister of Transport commits to recover the money looted from PRASA so that the majority of South Africans who rely on trains can travel without fear and with dignity.

The Public Protector has already made recommendations to the Minister to take disciplinary and remedial action [3], but we can’t just accept that our money is now gone. Those who participated in the looting of PRASA must be held to account.

To read 10 of the Public Protector’s findings against Prasa, click here:

[1] Prasa wants its money back for Afro 4000 trains, Sunday times 29 November 2015 

[2] Madonsela releases scathing findings against Prasa’s axed CEO, Gia Nicolaides for Eye Witness News. 24 August 2015.

[3] 33.3 a 1 to 4 of ‘Derailed’, A Report of the Public Protector August 2015.

[4] 10 of Thuli Madonsela’s findings against Prasa. Power FM 24 August 2015.

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Dear Minister Joe Maswanganyi (Minister of Transport)

We continue with our call for action from you, as we did you predecessor Elizabeth Dipuo Peters. We call on you to make a firm and public commitment to dedicate the Department of Transport to recover the money looted from PRASA, and commit to ensuring all money that was corruptly taken from PRASA through maladministration, irregular tenders, nepotism and improper conduct, is recovered so that the majority of South Africans can travel with dignity.

A working class mother of 3 has as much right to catch a train from Katlehong to Joburg without fear of being mugged, sexually assaulted, involved in a train crash or being made late for their job, as a business executive has catching a train from Rosebank to Sandton.

The looting of PRASA exposed in the Public Protector's report isn’t just about corruption, it’s also about how this robs the majority of South Africans of a safe, reliable and functioning public transport.

Again, we the undersigned ask that you make a public commitment to recover the money looted from PRASA. While the Public Protector and Auditor General may have done investigations, as the person ultimately responsible for Mzansi’s transport we call on you to take decisive action.