Demand justice for Kati and Ruashi community

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Demand justice for Kati and Ruashi community
Demand justice for Kati and Ruashi community
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On November 14,  2017, 11-year old Kati was instantly killed when a flying rock from blasting operations of the Ruashi Mine crushed her head [1]. The mine which is just outside Lubumbashi, DRC is operated by Metorex, a Johannesburg based company.

After Kati’s death, Metorex moved quickly to claim they would help the family. They gave them food for the funeral and paid compensation that was far below what the family had asked for. All this was done with the condition that the family keeps away from activist groups, a clear attempt to silence the family and evade responsibility.

Kati’s death has raised fear and great anger in the community. They know she’s unlikely to be the last as the mine has increased the size of the explosives which sends rocks flying into their living area. Because of this, the community is willing to relocate despite their past experience of being forcefully relocated. But this time, they want the company to talk to them directly about it and take an undertaking to that they will not be moved again.

Deserted by their government, which has worked closely with the company, instead of standing up for those it is supposed to represent- the people of Ruashi need us to stand in solidarity them and demand that Metorex takes responsibility.

Dear shareholders and directors of Metorex

We, and the undersigned, stand in solidarity with the family of Kati and the community of Ruashi in DRC who want their families and homes protected. We call on you to ensure that Metorex meets the demands of the community by:

- Acknowledging its role in Kati’s death
- Paying the family a just compensation
- Meeting with community representatives directly on a relocation plan and gives an undertaking that they would be moved together, that they would have water and land for their gardens and cattle and that they will not be moved again.

This campaign is in collaboration with the Bench Marks Foundation and Southern Africa Resource Watch

[1] Stop Mines Killing our Children – A Call For Solidarity

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Metorex must acknowledge its role in Kati's death, and meet the demands of the family as well as that of the Ruashi community.