End poverty through a Basic Income Grant

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End poverty through a Basic Income Grant
End poverty through a Basic Income Grant
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A functioning social protection system that embeds basic income as a fundamental human right to the benefit of all who reside on the continent should not be reduced to hand-outs to the poor, but rather conceptualised and accepted as a developmental policy mechanism to promote economic justice, reduce poverty and inequality and stimulate human and economic integration, as well as harness social cohesion across our porous regional borders.

This basic income grant will provide families with assistance to send their children and young girls to school, access to opportunities that will end generational poverty traps, increase basic education as a priority and achieve greater gender equality. The introduction of a universal cash transfer, predominantly funded through extractive industries, will be a remarkable stride towards poverty eradication, reduced inequalities among Africans, equal economic participation and overall African unity.

The BIG amount will be US$15(about R202) per person, per month on introduction and should be inflation indexed.

Examples of social grants in countries such as Namibia, South Africa and Malawi have shown the importance of alternative social protection initiatives such a SADC Basic Income Grant (BIG) to tackle poverty [1].

As part of the SADC BIG Coalition, we share a common vision to eradicate poverty and reduce inequality in Region and promote the roll out of social protection in the region in accordance with the SADC Social Charter. This will enable the continent’s poorest households to better meet their basic needs through providing everyone with a minimum level of income thus affirming and supporting the inherent dignity for all.

Dear Minister Susan Sgabangu

In your capacity as the South African Minster of Social Development, we urge you to champion the establishment of a Basic Income Grant (BIG) funded by an additional levy on the extractive industry in order to close the poverty gap in the country and to use the abundant natural resource wealth to benefit South Africans and by the curbing of the illicit financial flows (estimated at over US$50 billion annually) that are bleeding Africa dry. We require immediate and urgent interventions to lift the country out of the crippling impoverishment that has continued to plague the South Africa, despite the aforementioned levels of mineral wealth. 



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Africa is not poor, yet Africa has become synonymous with poverty, her children remain destitute. We need urgent intervention to lift the country and region out of this crippling poverty. Tell the Minster of Social Development, Susan Shabangu to implement a Basic Income Grant to close the poverty gap in Mzansi.