Minister Gigaba denies Steven Anderson entry into SA

Minister Gigaba denies Steven Anderson entry into SA

Denied access. That’s what Pastor Steven Anderson’s application to enter Mzansi reads. The Department of Home Affairs’ Minister Gigaba announced the news in a media briefing in Cape Town.



It is common cause that LGBTI persons, not only in this country but worldwide, face daily atrocities, for defining their identity; including ridicule, abuse, bullying, homophobia, brutal assault and rape [1]. Despite the great news, we are aware that preventing Steven Anderson’s visit will not solve all the problems faced by the LGBTI community across Mzansi and the world over regarding discrimination, homophobia and patriarchal notions of power.

The Home Affairs Department has upheld Mzansi’s constitutional rights through this decision, and encourages us to further work towards reaching our constitutional values, to build a democratic, united, non-racial, non-sexist and prosperous state. This announcement is also a collective victory for GaySARadio, who championed this campaign together with the LGBTI community. The victory sets a precedent for the acceptance of Mzansi’s diversity.

This victory is testament that people power works in Mzansi, and is evidence that when we rally together as a united movement we can ensure justice. The amandla .mobi family, in its show of solidarity with the LGBTI community is a demonstration of collective action. We thank you for your continued support.

[1] Press briefing by Department of Home Affairs, 13 September 2016.