Stop Coca-Cola bullying us

Stop Coca-Cola bullying us

Obesity and Type 2 diabetes is on the rise, driven by our high sugar diets. Mzansi's health system is already under huge pressure, that's why the Finance Minister's sugar tax could help turn this situation around.

The Beverage Association of South Africa's (BevSA) claim that government's proposed sugar tax “could result in South Africa losing 60,000 jobs” is unfounded; and the figures are from a study that BevSA paid for and they have refused to share the study data [1].


Globally, experts have warned that sugary drinks are increasing rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes [2]; and Mzansi’s public health system is under a lot of pressure. The introduction of the sugar tax is a measure to improve people’s health, and this is backed by researchers from Wits [3] and the World Health Organisation.

Driven by a fear of a loss in profits, Coca-Cola and BevSA are doing everything in their power to stop the sugar tax. They have gone as far as using the same tactics used by tobacco companies around the world when governments have tried to reduce the negative health impacts of a product - which is to sway public opinion by talking about job losses. This old trick, where Coca-Cola’s lobby group Anprac tried to stop the Mexican government's sugar tax [4] failed, and the sugar tax was hailed a success.

Mzansi has all the features of an unhealthy nation. This is why we have to support the proposed sugar tax. The amandla .mobi community has shown that when we stand united we can effect change in Mzansi. Our continued campaign to hold accountable companies like ABSA and Investec for Marikana compensation are evidence that we refuse to be hijacked by corporates.

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