Tell Cycling SA to tackle racism

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Tell Cycling SA to tackle racism
Tell Cycling SA to tackle racism
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South Africa’s first black cyclist to race abroad professionally and to lead a cycling club, Luthando Kaka, was reportedly called a k***r by cyclist Dusty Day [1] after standing up against him and another bully when they ran young black cyclist Siyabonga Somchiza off the road.

Kaka reported the incident to Cycling SA, despite threats by Day to make his life hell, but found himself suspended along with the racist. Kaka had to hire a lawyer to fight his unjust suspension. The court ordered Cycling SA to lift the suspension, but they refused. Only later was it able to force the organisation to lift the suspension.

[1] SA cyclist called a k*ffir during a race

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Dear William Newman (President of Cycling South Africa) and Gregory van Heerden (Secretary General),

We note the internal investigation launched into an incident that saw Luthando Kaka, South Africa’s first black cyclist to race abroad professionally and to lead a cycling club, called a k****r and threatened thereafter. We, the undersigned, feel that it is unacceptable that Kaka was suspended and that the findings of the investigation were not released on 3 March 2015 as promised.

We have an expectation that an institution tasked with governing cycling in South Africa should contribute to ending a culture that practices and condones racism and any other form of discrimination prohibited in the Constitution, expressly or not.

We demand that as the governing body of cycling in South Africa, you should:

· Formally apologise to Luthando Kaka for suspending him;

· Compensate him for the legal costs incurred trying to overturn his suspension;

· Publicly release the findings of your internal investigation today; and

· Impose a full expulsion on those who have violated human dignity.

This would make it clear to all members and affiliates that prejudice is unacceptable in a South Africa founded on human dignity and show Cycling SA’s commitment to transformation.