Justice for Sun City workers

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Justice for Sun City workers
Justice for Sun City workers
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*Update* We collected signatures, and our campaign got a front page small article which included the USSD code so we got signatures through that. We wrote to Sun City, and provided the petition as well as quotes from members. Mike van Vuuren, the Managing Executive of Sun City responded claiming the issues had already been addressed and that "The issue of the shooting is being dealt with by the SAPS and we see no purpose in involving anyone else in a case that has been reported to them and is under investigation. ". He then stated that they "do not believe that there is anything further to be gained from further discussions". This campaign has been closed.

Sun City workers are in hospital with bullet wounds after striking, so we're demanding an independent investigation into live ammunition and workers rights [1] (Click here for Setswana)


1 - 'Sun City shooting at striking Cosatu members sparks investigation call' , Omphemetse Molopyane 10 July 2014, The New Age

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Dear Sol Kerzner,

We were horrified to hear that some of your employees are in hospital with bullet wounds.

We don't want a tragedy like this to ever happen again, that's why we're asking that you support a full independent investigation into allegations that your security guards not only shot workers, but used live ammunition and refused to call your Sun City ambulances.