MENU launches campaign for transparent service delivery launches campaign for transparent service delivery

We're hearing a lot of Mayoral candidates talk about fighting corruption, but have you heard anyone talk about making Service Delivery Agreements (SDAs) and Municipal Services Partnership Agreements (MSPAs) publicly accessible? 

No idea what these are? Well, it often feels like that’s the way many political candidates want it to stay. You see, the Municipal Systems Act states SDAs and MSPAs must be made public [1], so that people like you and I can see who, what, when and how much companies contracted to deliver services are paid. But municipalities across Mzansi don’t follow the Act, and don’t make SDAs and MSPAs public. This allows corruption to thrive.

But we can change this. Before you vote on Wednesday, demand your Mayoral candidates commit to making SDAs and MSPAs publicly accessible. Click here to add your name to this campaign


Here's why this issue is so important. The Municipal Council on which elected representatives sits appoints Municipal Managers, who are the administrative heads of our municipalities. Once appointed, the Municipal Manager works at ensuring that a Municipality achieve strategic objectives and developmental and service delivery obligations. They are responsible for entering into service agreements, screening and approving contracts, publicising SDAs and MSPAs. As they enter office, all these people must commit to being transparent and efficient in all Service Delivery Agreements with the communities they service.

We’re calling on amandla .mobi’s 38,000 members from every province to engage their Municipal Manager and political representatives by asking them to commit to showing us all SDAs and MSPAs. This is about ensuring that local government is accountable no matter who wins the election in your municipality. Let us get involved in the running of our municipalities. Click here to add your name to this campaign

When we the people of Mzansi stand together, we are a formidable force that is able to hold those we put in power to account. As an independent, non-partisan movement, the amandla .mobi community has a unique role to play in holding all parties to account, especially those who are failing to ensure that services are delivered in a transparent way. As we approach these elections, it is imperative that we as the amandla. mobi community and those who are willing to stand with us, continue working together to fight all forms of injustice in Mzansi.

Together for justice,

Koketso, Thuli and Nqaba for amandla .mobi

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