Stand with UFS students - end outsourcing

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Stand with UFS students - end outsourcing
Stand with UFS students - end outsourcing
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On Monday afternoon a group of protesters interrupted a rugby game at the University of Free State in a bid to draw attention to the plight of outsourced cleaners at the university. Rugby players and supporters went on to assault the protesters, resulting in clashes that later spread to the hostels and lasted all evening. According to witnesses, black students were specifically targeted under the watchful gaze of security and later the police.

In an effort to out pressure on the university to resolve the issues that plague it,  the students of Free State university have initiated a university shutdown. They also need food and water to be able to sustain this.

Their demands include the following:

Outsourcing must end and all the ill treatment workers are subjected to.

Prof Jonathan Jansen must resign with immediate effect.

The university must be an inclusive space for all students. This extends to inclusive symbolism and the renaming of buildings.

Students appeal to the public to assist by putting them in touch with lawyers or any form of protection against student victimisation.

Will you sign?

This is a critical moment for people power at UFS, stand with the students, and their right to protest #EndOutsourcing