Demand UJ stop assaulting + exploiting workers

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Demand UJ stop assaulting + exploiting workers
Demand UJ stop assaulting + exploiting workers
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"We're not animals to be sold from one company to another" - UJ workers

*BREAKING* students, workers, an academic and journalist arrested and held at Brixton police station

*BREAKING* one student hospitalised, others suspended for standing with workers, others assaulted

This week Vice-Chancellor Prof Ihron Rensburg boasted UJ was the first to insource workers. But the truth there is no signed commitment, not even in principle. Workers and students downed tools this week and were met with the full force of hired security who assaulted peaceful workers and students. There have been reports of 60 police being called to UJ to try break the protest at all cost, with students yesterday locked in the library, and this morning workers locked out.

But with insourcing victories at UCT and UWC, workers and students know the UJ VC can't hide forever from signing an agreement. 

*The below demands are some of the key demands made by workers and students, however this is a work in progress due to workers and students being attacked, locked out, and locked in by UJ security and police*

4th November 2015

Workers’ Memorandum: Short term Worker’s Demands

1. Written commitment to end outsourcing with an agreed upon timeline, with the introduction of supplementary wage while the process is underway. Minimum amount: a living wage of R6,500. All workers currently employed by companies (including companies on the vendors list) must be insourced (no job losses). Workers must have access to UJ facilities while insourcing process is underway.

2. Workers’ representative from all outsourced services must be part of the task team in charge of developing the plan to insource the staff.

3. Transparency with regards to all contracts, we request copies of all outsourcing contracts.

4. No discpline or victimisation of workers for participating in protect action including no salary docking.

5. The University must be held accountable for the brutal attack perpetuated by temporary private security hired by the university in this period of protest. We demand an inclusive and transparent investigation in the attacks and into the constant intimidation faced by workers and students.

6. Bringing back to the University all workers who were victimised by being removed to other sites by all private companies in the past two years.

7. The right to free tuition for any worker and worker’s child studying at the university.

8. Finally adopt the University Worker’s Charter.


Student demands

1. No registration fee and upfront free, including international students.

2. No financial exclusions (Free my academic record)

3. Free quality education in a progressive period

4. Release all protesting students nationwide

5. No victimisation of protesting students

6. Decolonisation of the academic space. 

Will you sign?

Demand University of Johannesburg VC call off his security who have assaulted students and workers, and actually sign an agreement to end outsourcing, instead of a PR campaign claiming they were the first to end outsourcing.

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    mayibuye i afrika!!!!!!!!aluta continua workers deserve more and students are not customers
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    The level of disgust and disgrace at this Institution. SMH
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    Sign the campaign to support @UJFMF #OccupyUJ #EndOutSourcing
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    This is pure Apartheid machinery in the hands of those who fought it pre democracy
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    signed 2015-11-06 14:51:56 +0200
    Fees must fall! Free education is possible! I admire and appreciate every single student, worker and person who is fighting so bravely for all of us! You never leave my thoughts and prayers even once! Justice will be served! Amandla youth Amandla